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Show the Love this Valentine's Day

08 Feb 16

Make a Green Heart to Wear and Share

Make, wear and share a green heart this Valentine's Day with WWF.

We can protect the world we love from climate change if enough of us show we care.

In recent years, the Department of the Environment and Climate change has worked to spread awareness of the most critical environmental issue of our time - climate change - and is taking WWF's lead to spread the message even further this Valentine's Day.

This February, WWF is building an even bigger and more beautiful campaign than Show the Love 2015; which reached millions and brought together many people from all walks of life; from small groups, loved brands, to famous faces including Stephen Fry, Dermot O'Leary and Meera Syal.

Once again, people are coming together to turn hearts green and #showthelove for the people, places and life we want to protect for generations to come.

It's a beautiful and creative way to start conversations about the things we love and that climate change threatens, and the clean energy choices we must make to protect our world.

Wear a green heart this Valentine's Day for the beaches where you walk, for the pitches where you play, for the gentle rhythm of our seasons, for bees and butterflies, and for all those things we stand to lose.

Surprising and beautiful - handmade hearts can move worlds. In February 2015 their precious appeal helped connect millions of people.

Show the love Valentines Day heart

Our love for our planet is strong. Let's make this year even more special. Hand-crafting a heart is a moment to share with a loved one, with family, with friends, with your community. Why not plan your 'green' Valentine's Day today?

WWF's green hearts pack has the ideas and inspiration to get you started.

In addition, have a look at the following video produced for Show the Love 2016. To view, click here.

For the love of ........... is a campaign by the Climate Coalition.

Valentines Day green heart necklace