Environmental Contact Numbers

29 Jul 19

HM Government of Gibraltar’s, Department of Environment, Heritage and Climate Change, would like to take this opportunity to remind members of the general public who need to report environmental matters, that they can do so by contacting the numbers or email address below.

The Department would also like to remind the public that social media platforms are not official reporting forums and therefore, there is no guarantee that government officials will be able to act upon any such matters reported in this manner.

The numbers listed below can be used for a wide range of environmental issues, including but not limited to; Macaques, gulls and pigeons, air or water pollution, oil spills, fishing, litter, fly-tipping, cleanliness, wildlife issues, environmental nuisance, trees and planted areas, beaches, upper rock, and noise pollution.

If a member of the public is unsure of what number to call, please call the Environmental Protection Officer On Call, in the first instance.

Environmental Feedback

Tel: 20065964
(08:00-15.30) Summer Hours
(09:00-15:00) Winter Hours


Environmental Protection Officer On Call

Tel: 58009620 – (24 Hours)

Avian Control Unit

Tel: 20066588 – (24 Hour Answering Machine)

Animal Welfare Clinic

Tel: 20043352 – (09:00-17:00) Summer & Winter Hours

Environmental Agency

Tel: 20070620
(08:00-14:30) Summer Hours
(08:45-16:30) Winter Hours

Tel: 58297000 - (On Call - after hours)

Macaque Team

Tel: 56002297 – (On Call - 24 Hours)


Tel: 20071648
(08:00-15.30) Summer Hours
(09:00-15:00) Winter Hours

Email: ur&


Tel: 20048450
(08:00-15.30) Summer Hours
(09:00-15:00) Winter Hours