Back Earth Day 2019: Youth Participation in the New Green Economy

Earth Day 2019: Youth Participation in the New Green Economy

16 May 19

Mankind finds itself at a tipping point in human history to act against critical issues such as Climate Change and species extinction. Young people today are key agents in this change and for future sustainability.

An effective solution is the New Green Economy. This involves taking on exciting numerous challenges and opportunities that not only promote personal growth and well-being, but most importantly, ensures the protection of the environment today and for the future.

Examples fall under green lifestyle and leadership, and this presents the perfect opportunity for the youth. Engaging in environmental education like science degrees, environmental careers, projects involving renewable energy and initiatives such as recycling, all greatly contribute to the building blocks for the New Green Economy. Greta Thunberg is a prime example for environmental youth leadership who initiated climate change activism. She demonstrates how young people can excel in being environmental representatives, and not only create large-scale awareness, but setting a baseline in making the New Green Economy part of everyone’s lifestyle, at both the individual and corporate scale.

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