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Earth Day 2019: Protect our Species

15 May 19

In order to protect our species we must safeguard the biodiversity of the millions of species within our ecosystems which are directly threatened by human interference.

Climate change, contamination and habitat destruction are some of the key reasons for the world experiencing present species extinction rates. The impacts to global biodiversity are far reaching, and in some instances irreversible.

However, this rate can be slowed down by raising environmental awareness and creating an active global to local movement to combat climate change. Small things can really make a difference so what can you do to help support biodiversity?

  • Install nest boxes for birds and bats or even insect hotels.
  • Think about your carbon footprint and how you can reduce your emissions. Can you walk to work or use the bus?
  • Plant trees
  • Try using re-usable items rather than single-use plastic products
  • Recycle!

Remember every little helps.