1. Try going meat free for one day a week; sign up for Meat Free Mondays!  Or Veggie Wednesdays!

This would equal a 15% reduction in your meat consumption and would be hugely beneficial to both the environment and your health.

2. Ensure you get enough protein from vegetarian sources instead, like lentils and almonds.

Beans lentils and peas

3. Experiment with new grains and vegetables – vegetarian meals can be just as tasty if not more so than meat ones!

Tofu & Pasta

4. Look to cuisines from countries with well-known vegetarian dishes such as Indian and Mexican recipes.

Simple Vegetable curry

5. Buy meat on the bone, as bones not only add extra flavour but can also be used to make stock for another meal – such as chicken noodle soup.

6. Bulk up your meat dishes with more beans, grains or vegetables.  For example put an extra carrot into your Bolognese, or if you are making beef burgers, try putting in some cooked lentils into the mix to make lentil and beef burgers.

Lentil burger

7. If you really like your meat, try adding ‘meaty’ flavours to your meal, e.g. using soya sauce or dried mushrooms.

8. Stick to whole and unprocessed snacks rather than junk food, e.g. apples with peanut butter or carrots with hummus.

Carrots hummus and celery

9. Use meat sparingly, and as an extra flavour, such as bacon pieces on a veggie pie.

10. Try substituting your favourite foods for meat free versions, e.g. instead of buying ready-made sausage rolls try making your own mushroom rolls instead.