Working to ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations

The Department of the Environment and Climate Change has a mandate to achieve a high quality environment by providing effective environmental protection; addressing the threat of climate change; protecting and enhancing our natural environment; developing sustainable waste management practices; promoting energy efficiency and sustainable energy generation as well as ensuring that Gibraltar’s development respects the delicate balance between environment, economy and society.

Securing the integration of environmental considerations into all government policies is one of the Department’s key objectives. This means that as well as providing and maintaining policies, programmes, legislation and information for the protection of the environment, we also promote the integration of environmental considerations into the wider decision making process.

Department Overview

The Department of the Environment and Climate Change was established in 1997 in response to increasing interest in environmental matters throughout the community. The Department is based primarily at Leanse Place in Town Range. The team consists of scientific officers, administrative officers, an environmental monitoring and feedback unit, currently based at New Harbours, and the keepers and staff at the cemetery.

The Department deals with the whole spectrum of environmental issues, ranging from air quality and waste management to the maintenance and upkeep of planted areas and the management of the local macaque population. We are also responsible for monitoring contracts between the Government of Gibraltar and service providers such as the Environmental Agency, Britannia, the Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic and Wildlife Gibraltar.

To contact the Department of the Environment and Climate Change please email any queries to: